Founder & Principle of Erato School of Music & Performing Arts
ARAM ( Associate of Royal Academy of Music)

Pianist & music educator Nguyen Hong Minh was born in Ha Noi and was one of few gifted young Vietnamese music students selected by Russian expert to study in former Soviet Union in 1987.
In his first 5 years in Soviet Union, Minh studied at The Gnessin State Musical College and subsequently continued his piano study at Moscow State Conservatoire P.I Tchaikovsky under the guidance of Professor Elena Kuznetsova for further 7 years.
In 1999 Minh went to England where he had been accepted for the Post Graduate Program at the Royal Academy of Music where he studied with Professor Colin Stone. During this period, Minh always conducted an active concert life as a pianist, giving regular concerts in Moscow, London and Viet Nam where Minh performed with Ho Chi Minh Conservatoire and Vietnam Symphonic Orchestras as soloist.
In 2005 Minh studied with Professor Alexander Ivashkin, a Russian cellist, writer, academic and conductor, at Goldsmith College, who had advised Minh to develop himself more than just a pianist. As a result, Minh returned to Vietnam in 2007 and established Erato School of Music & Performing Arts, now a leading private arts school in Vietnam with four branches in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi.
Today Erato School is a culture hub hosting concerts, masterclasses, workshops, exhibitions, attracting international and Vietnamese artists and diverse audiences. Minh has remained active in giving masterclasses, concerts and regular member of the Vietnam Connection Music Festival since 2018. Minh was awarded the ARAM (Associate of the Royal Academy of Music) for his “significant contribution to the music profession” in 2020.