About GOPC 2024 –

Second Season

For this second year, 2024, Grand Opus Piano Competition (GOPC) has live audition and representatives for the Solo preliminary round from Southeast Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The main attraction of this competition is the grand scale of the final round, which will take place in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam. GOPC provides two orchestras and two conductors, more than 70 professional musicians performing alongside the contestants on stage.

This provides a rare opportunity for contestants to showcase their talent by playing with a professional orchestra. Additionally, they will have the chance to experience elegant and sophisticated stages, as well as their performances being recorded by professional technicians.

Our main sponsor – Impressivo Klaviere & Flugel Ltd. is proud to gather leading experts in piano as well as sponsors, music partners, and media partners to create an internationally renowned competition. This also brings a new highlight to the overall piano arena for students and parents.

In Vietnam, participating in the competition in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City gives contestants the opportunity to meet experienced teachers and famous pianists from both national and international backgrounds, who serve as artistic advisors and judges.

International participants will also have a chance to meet judges from across Asia when registering for competitions in their countries.

Advisors and Juries

The Advisors

The Advisory Board will support the competitors throughout the competition, giving artistic opinions through a series of videos, or interacting directly with the competitors in the masterclasses. Members of the Advisory Board will teach in the Masterclasses, before the Solo Round takes place.

The Jury

The jury panel includes famous pianists and music teachers from Vietnam and all over the world. Each competition session is judged by 3 juries, and each one will mark independently, based on a 100-point scale, giving individual comments and evaluation sheets to each competitor.